Refreshing Cucumber-Avocado Soup with Cucumber-Jalapeno Tea Sandwiches

A couple years ago my mom gave me a package that included a bunch of cooking tools that I remember from her kitchen when I was a kid, and subsequently found out they were from my grandmother’s. These pieces still hang out in my kitchen, and will take up residence in the kitchen of the next generation.

In addition to these tools, she also compiled new and old family recipes for me, and this is one hers, with some added tea sandwiches. cukeavosouprecipe

There are only two alterations I have:

    1 cup of broth rather than 1 ½ cups
    Top with a teeny pinch of cumin


And for the Cucumber-Jalapeno Tea Sandwiches

Jalapeno Butter:

    1T Butter, softened
    1-2t juice from canned jalapenos

    1. Mix butter and juice together, refrigerate

For sandwich:

    2 slices wheat bread, lightly toasted and cooled
    5 thin slices of peeled cucumber
    1t jalapeno butter
    4-6 leaves of arugula

    1. Cut off the crust of the toast, and cut in half diagonally
    2. Spread thin layers of jalapeno butter on each side and top with 3 cucumber slices and
    2-3 leaves of arugula
    3. Secure with a toothpick
    4. Serve along side soup, for dipping!

Mmmmm. It’s so good for a summer picnic or park-outing. Or just to eat when it’s hot and you feel like dipping something!

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