Mini-Condiments: You’re So Cute

How many times have you taken your dumpy, lame, boring money-saving lunch to work and heated it up in the sauce-splattered microwave, only to wish you had something to add to it, but don’t because somebody else’s three-week-old rotting sandwich is taking up all the space in the fridge?

Well, here’s the answer to your bland problem:


Oh, mini-condiments. You’re so cute!

My favorite, the mini-Tabasco ….. he reminds me of the funny little accessories that went with my Barbie dream house. Or even, remember these:


The little round, white, plastic things that were designed to keep the cardboard top of the box from collapsing on your long-awaited pepperoni pizza. I used to use those as tables for Barbie’s lovely mansion. Picture this, if you will …….

…..Barbie relaxing on a patio, eating mini- pizza on a mini-table with mini-Tabasco…..

If only the mustard hadn’t been used on the turkey sandwich, I would have a complete set………..oh lament…….