Homemade Butter in Under an Hour!

Homemade butter like this in under an hour!? Impossible!

No lies, I swear! I’m telling you; you don’t need that olde tyme farmhouse kitchen with a window looking out on the pasture, or one of those big wooden barrels with a stick poking out of it, a red and white checkerboard apron to wear while you churn for hours. All you need is this:

    Heavy cream
    Fairly fine colander
    Food processor

Here, just look how easy:

    1. Pour your cream into the food processor (or jar, if you’re doing it that way) and use the “grind” setting until it looks like this:

    *It will go through several stages, quickly – from whipped cream, to hardened whipped cream, then it will start to turn a yellow color and get kind of mealy and become this. It takes about 5 minutes, give or take, depending on how much cream you’re using.

    2. Let it sit like this for about 5 minutes, and the solids will separate from the liquids.

    3. Scoop it into a colander placed over a bowl and press a little bit more of the liquid out of the butter solids. (The liquid is buttermilk, so you can keep that if you want to use it for something).

    4. In the colander, knead the butter solids with a wooden spoon or 2 forks or a spatula until it gets creamy (not long, just a couple minutes). A little more water will come out; drain it.

    5. Now you have butter! Spread it on baguette, saute some veggies, rub it on a door knob to anger your boyfriend….there’s a million things to do with it!